State of California, Fire Code & California Code of Regulations, Title 19

Show that you care... be aware of California Title 19 Public Safety Law

The law requires places of public Assembly to have all indoor & outdoor decorative items fire retardant treated


Restaurants     Hotels Catering Events    Theaters Nightclubs
Schools Day Care Centers     Tent Events Conventions  
Street Fairs Assisted Care Churches Farmers Market  


Partial list of violation items checked by the Fire Marshal/Inspectors  when performing  State of California, California Fire Code & California Code of Regulations,   Title 19 Inspections

  • All draperies / Curtains & Window treatments
  • Artifical plants & Foliage
  • Upholstered items, Wicker & Decorative pillows
  • Live / Artificial Christmas trees
  • Tablecloths / Covers
  • Corn stalk & Corn mazes
  • Backdrops / Wall coverings
  • Hay bales & Fall decorations
  • Carpets on floors/Walls & Area rugs
  • Tents / Canvas & Umbrellas
  • Displays (Tradeshows)
  • Wood - Interior / Exterior / Crate
  • Stage sets
  • Costumes / Wigs
  • Soundproofing foam
  • Thatching & Palapas


Testing for Title 19 Division 1, Chapter 8 and NFPA Life Safety Code

For many years in the fire industry, flame proofing specifications used the NFPA 701 small scale test and the NFPA 701 large scale test as guide lines for passing or failing a flame resistant treated fabric/item. Recently the fire industry is taking a more serious look at adopting and using only NFPA 705, there has even been talk that the NFPA 701 large and small scale test may completely be omitted since NFPA 705 is primarily an actual Field Test and 701 is scientific laboratory testing. NFPA 705 relates to the actual condition/environment the flame proof item is exposed to.

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