How Do Our Fire Retardants Work?

For a fire to occur, three elements represented by the "Fire Triangle" have to come together: heat, fuel and oxygen.
Remove any one of these elements and the fire will not be able to sustain itself.

Fire Triangle

Delta Pacific products remove not just one but two out of 3 elements of the fire triangle providing more effective results in stopping fire or retarding fire growth.

On occasion, as heat is applied to a treated surface carbon dioxide and nitrogen outgas from surface which keeps oxygen away from the fuel source. A carbon char starts forming, presenting a non combustible obstacle to the face of the fire. As more heat is applied, more carbon char develops. This enhances the development of an insulating airspace between the fuel and the carbon char. It increases the distance between the fuel and the heat source which is attempting to oxidize or burn the fuel. It also traps up to 50% of the toxic gases emitted from the combustible surface behind the carbon char. This minimizes toxic gas levels.

General Guide Lines for Professional Use:

  • Do not mix with other products
  • Shake or mix well before using
  • Do not allow to freeze
  • Do not scrape or remove excess product
  • Do not lay to dry, this may cause absorption by other surfaces
  • Will not affect recyclability of items
  • Only store in original container
  • Pre-test for applicability and color fastness
  • Surface must be clean and dry before application begins
  • Clean equipment with soap and water
  • Do not expose treated areas to moisture for 24 hours

Safety Guide Lines for Professionals:

  • Use in well ventilated area 
  • It is good practice to wear gloves and painters masks when spraying any liquid material 
  • It is recommended to wash exposed skin thoroughly 
  • If applicable, use approved safety devices (ropes, belts, ridge hooks, ladders, etc.) 
  • Do not step on wet treated areas, surface may be slippery until dry
  • Do not swallow, avoid direct exposure to eyes 

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