WW 790 Exterior Wood Fire Retardant

WW 790 is a superior fire retardant product developed to meet todays fire standards. The topical application is environmentally safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. This product is specially formulated for use on exterior untreated wood. WW 790 is formulated with special proprietary ingredients making an application with it resistant to weathering and mildew. It has no formaldehyde or other toxic components as in traditional exterior fire retardant products. WW 790 when used in conjunction with the FR 450 Sealer provides the ultimate in an exterior fire retardant treatment providing a Class A rating.

Some of the uses for this product are: 

  • Framing Lumber (all structural construction)
  • Wood Roofs (Shake/Shingle)
  • Fences, Siding
  • Plywood
  • Wood Decks, under-deck
  • Trellises, arbors and etc.
  • Wooden barns, bridges & misc., wood structures including those that are weathered


Clear color Wood retains natural color
Water based Easy clean up
Low VOC Will not harm the environment
Non-toxic Does not require special handling
Chemically balanced             Does not deteriorate wood fiber
Non-corrosive Will not corrode nails
Topical application Can be applied to existing structures


WW 790 fire retardant when applied to, exterior unfinished wood surfaces reduces the wood's ability to support flame. In addition WW 790 has special surfactants (wetting agents) allowing penetration deep into the wood, providing resistance to moisture, humidity, fungus, bacteria and termites.  WW 790 is an ideal fire retardant product for exterior applications. When top coated with the FR 450 Sealer, creates  a Class A rating.


MIX THOROUGHLY before applying. WW 790 can be brushed, and/or sprayed, with backpack or airless type sprayers. Wood must be thoroughly dry, clean and preferably free of hard finish coatings and saw dust, that would interfere with the penetration of WW 790. Apply WW 790 on the wood surface to the point of refusal, depending upon the type of wood or weathering of the surface. Expected coverage rate for most wood surfaces is 100 - 150 square feet per gallon. (100 square feet is recommended for extremely weathered wood). Allow 2 hours depending on temperature and humidity, before applying FR 450 Sealer. DO NOT APPLY if rain is imminent during the drying time.

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