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Need a Fire Retardant Product To Meet Your Code Requirements?

You have one of the most important jobs...finding a fire retardant product that has been approved by the various Inspectors and cities and that will meet the necessary code requirements.

Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc. can assist you and your clients in meeting these code requirements by introducing you to Delta's fire retardant products. Please take a few minutes to view our website of environmentally safe and non-toxic fire retardant products.

Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc. is a leader in fire retardant technology. We have specialized in the fire retardant industry since 1985 and personally developed Delta's proprietary formulas. Our formulations have been tested by certified laboratories & test conducted; to list a few: SGS U.S. Testing Company, NFPA 255, UL 723, ASTM ES-20, ASTM - E84, ASTM Methods E662, & E800, UBC, Bss 7239, State Fire Marshal for California Fire Code of Regulations Title 19, Chapter 8 Public Safety Law standards. What separates Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc. from other manufacturers is our extensive product line and unsurpassed Research and Development capabilities.

We have responded quickly throughout the years to ever-changing Fire Code Standards and have provided innovative products and services in anticipation of our customer's and the public's many needs; and because we care we also want to protect the environment.

Some of Delta's products are already being used as part of the Green Fire Protection Solution. We also work closely with environmental agencies and strongly support the Responsible Care Initiative. Our products are environmentally safe and do not require special disposition.

For more information please click on "brochure" for a brief description of  some of our new products. For a more detailed description of specific products, click on the "Products" link or call 714.634.3485. You can find us listed in The Contractor's Blue Book.

Fire Codes - Common Test Procedures & Testing

How They Are Determined:

Established at all levels, fire codes government, building materials, stationary and decorative items have been developed. Depending on intended use; materials must pass specific tests in order to meet fire safety codes and regulations. Codes are written and implemented and accredited testing laboratories evaluate submitted specimens and according to the test criteria that has been requested the most appropriate testing is performed for that particular product or item. Generally, standard testing consists of measuring smoke and flame spread, developed both vertically and horizontally, under conditions simulating their actual use, For example, the Steiner Tunnel test (ASTM E-84/NFPA 255/UL 723) is used to measure flame spread in horizontal positions, such as carpeting, flooring, etc. The NFPA-701 Test measures flame spread vertically for such items as draperies, decorative hangings, etc.

What is Considered A Class "A" Fire retardant?

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are the two nationally recognized Organizations, which have developed tests setting standard of flammability. On a scale of 0-200 (least to most), only those materials with a flame spread of less than 25 feet qualify as a Class "A" Fire retardant by ASTM E-84 and NFPA rates the product or item as NFPA 2 Hour.

Test Method

The flame spread results of 25 foot tunnel test are frequently used by building code officials and regulatory agencies in the acceptance of interior finish material for various applications. The most widely accepted classification system is epitomized by the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code, NFPA No. 101:

A - NFPA 2 Hour                   I                                   0 through 25
B - NFPA 1 Hour II 26 through 75
C III 76 through 200
D IV 201 through 500
E V Over 500


Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc. believes that testing of a product, particularly a fire retardant product, is necessary in order to screen and eliminate those products that may find their way to the market-place with claims that do not support safety and performance, from the products that have been properly tested and have been approved. When acceptable testing is done through several larger laboratories and independent as well, throughout the United States, it allows government agencies, fire and building officials and regulatory agencies the assurance through this testing process and certification, that they can accept, and specify the approved product and know that it will meet their code requirements.

Listed below are some definitions and comparisons which will help you understand and become knowledgeable on testing, classification, and certification of various products and items.

Certifying Agencies


National Research Board (Central Controlling Agency for ICBO, BOCA, SBCCI
ICBO International Conference of Building Officials
BOCA  Building Officials Conference of America
SBCCI Southern Building Code Conference International
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
UBC Uniform Building Code


Testing Agencies

SRI  Southwest Research Institute
UL Underwriters Laboratories
UST United States Testing Company, Inc.
FM Factory Mutual
ASTM  American Society for Testing Materials    
NBS National Bureau of Standards


Testing Comparisons

ASTM E-108                       UL-790 UBC 32-1
ASTM E-84 UL-723 UBC 42-1
ASTM E-84 Class I (A)                      NFPA 2 HOUR
ASTM E-84 Class II (B) NFPA 1 HOUR

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