Wholesale Orders

Thank you for your interest in Delta Pacific's non-toxic, environmentally safe fire retardant Products. To expedite your wholesale orders we need two forms on file, a copy of your Business License and a copy of your Re-Sale Certificate (see below).


In compliance with Sales and Use Tax Laws, it is necessary that we have from all of our wholesale customers, a signed re-sale certificate, with their State Sales Tax Permit Number.

Under "Description of property to be purchased" there may appear:
(1) Either an itemized list of the particular property to be purchased for resale, or
(2) A general description of the kind of property to be purchased for resale.

Such certificate is good until revoked in writing.

Please print the Re-Sale Certificate below, insert your sales tax number with the appropriate signature and address and either mail,  fax or email to Delta Pacific Technologies. We must receive this form before shipping of your first wholesale order.

Thank You


FIRM NAME _____________________________________________________________

I hereby certify that I hold valid seller's permit No. ______________________________ issued pursuant to the Sales and Use Tax Law, that I am engaged in the business of selling of_____________________________________________________________
that the tangible personal property described herein which I shall purchase from Delta Pacific will be sold to me in the form of tangible personal property; PROVIDED however, that in the event any of such property is used for any purpose other than retention, demonstration, or display while holding it for sale in the regular course of business, it is understood that I am required by the Sales and Use Tax Law to report and pay for the tax, measured by the purchase price of such property.

Description of property to be purchased


Dated _________________

Signature __________________________________________________

at __________________________________________________

By and Title ___________________________

Phone _____________________________________

Address ________________________________________

We appreciate your interest in our products and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please contact us, or speak with any of our product support specialists by calling:


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