Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc.

Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc.

Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc. is a Fire Safety Consulting Firm who manufactures and distributes fire retardant products and services. Our products and technical knowledge serves business and industrial market places as well as public to government sectors. We have specialized in the fire retardant industry since 1985 and personally developed Delta's proprietary formulas. We are also California State certified applicators, using State certified products. We provide flame proofing service, along with a certificate of flame proofing to our customers in-house or on location.

Delta Pacific Technologies is a leader in fire retardant technology with an extensive array of proprietary products. These products are formulated to increase the fire resistance characteristics of various substrates such as textiles, cotton, leather, nylon, fabric blends, wool, metal, compressed board, plastics and etc. Additionally, our numerous fire retardant additives offer a variety of uses for resins and paint products (water and oil base) formulated to provide maximum fire resistances at low add on costs.

What Separates Us From Others?

What separates Delta Pacific Technologies from other manufacturers is our extensive product line and unsurpassed R & D capabilities.  Our products are subjected to rigorous testing in certified laboratory facilities to verify conformity to fire codes before introduction into the marketplace. In addition, Delta's products are used daily in our flame proofing processes by our own certified applicators. 

Delta Pacific Technologies prides itself on the quality of its products. To maintain this quality, all manufacturing is personally managed by our Director of Research. This ensures all products meet the highest standards of performance demanded by our clients. Delta Pacific takes pride in the quality in the products we manufacture in the excellence of our flame proofing service; this can be ascertained by a brief  listing of some of our customers in projects we have completed.

  • Disneyland Resort - Anaheim - Florida - Japan
  • National Space and Aeronautical Administration (NASA)
  • Convention Centers - Los Angeles - Long Beach - Anaheim,CA - Las Vegas, Sands, NV
  • Segerstrom Center of the Arts (Orange County Performing Arts Center)
  • Bucca di Beppo (restaurant chain)
  • Montebello Unified School District
  • Columbia Studios
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Delta Pacific Technologies works closely with environmental agencies for product use and strongly supports the Responsible Care* Initiative. We are an associate member of the US Green Building Council and a member in good standing with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

We appreciate your interest in our products and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please contact us, or speak with any of our product support specialists by calling:


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Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc.
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